Solve your problems on your own.

Then choose why you are here and how do you want to live like.

#Energy release

choose9 can help you:

Inside of you there works constantly many energies as vibes.
You can change your energy-level with different methods.
With choose9 you have the chance to get yourself to a higher level.

After your payed 0,99 € to PayPal you will continue.

Look the whole time (5 minutes) on the screen and turn on the audio volume.
Think about blocking/ a problem / something special you want to let go.
Stay totally undisturbed and concentrated.
And be sure to convert the energy currents.
Think about it, how it feels to be free from this error.
If you want, you can go back to where you have started.

choose9 wishes all users a rising loving ease in your life.

choose9 uses 10 % of all revenue as donation for charitable purposes.

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